актуальность умного города

It is not an easy thing to combine two almost incompatible things, but 1812 team does not beat a retreat! Chasseur is not a mere two-channel amplifier, it is a vintage tone-machine with two entirely individual preamps assembled using different types of components, which are particularly selected for each channel. Such an approach of 1812 team allows implementing the sounds of the two continents in a single amp to the full extent! Channel I represents 1812 team interpretation of the American clean sound and overdrive. This Channel adds up to a hundred tones and shades of soft clear sound, breakup and even a kind of fuzz to your sound palette. Channel II provides you with various crunches, mellow smooth tones, deep and distinctive sounds.

Today, 1812 Company offers an ever-growing product line of different music amps, each of the latter having unique features, original idea and concept. Any musical intention appearing in a guitar player’s mind will be definitely embodied in some of 1812 amps. Even in our one-channel models we try to give musicians many types of sound and functional features, which could expand the limits of searching your own individual sound.